Time for a tricho-tillo trim

 I let Orangeboy's hair get too long.  It seems that hair hanging in his eyes triggers a bit of trichotillomania, and in a matter of a few days he managed to create a little bald spot on his crown.   
When his hair starts getting a bit long, he tends to start playing with his bangs. He will gather his bangs together as if preparing to put in a forehead pigtail, but will just keep gathering and holding the hair for awhile.  If he is idle and frustrated for a little longer, his hands will migrate back from his bangs to the crown and he gathers a small group of hairs and twists them until they come out.  When I tell him to stop he stops, but starts up again when I'm not watching - I suppose.  
He cleared an area over an inch square in a day, so tonight I had to trim his bangs for him until I can take him to get a proper hair cut.   When the weather is warm I use electric clippers and keep his hair quite short, but he claims to like his hair longer in the winter.  It seems like he only feels compelled to pull and twist his hair when he can see it, because he doesn't do it when his hair is short.   
Now and then I have seen him plucking at his eyelashes, but not many times and, as of yet, he has not ever cleared his lids of lashes.

Poor Orangeboy!  If it's not one thing to pick at - it's another.

On the other hand, maybe he is just developing a strong desire to be like his Dad.   He has created the same scalp pattern and, now that I think about, Orangeboy has been barking "WHAT?!" just about every time I say anything to him.


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