CRCT! When I say CRCT, you say fun!

The CRCT test is here!  My three students will get an entire week of standardized testing!  After that, the school year is essentially over.  There will be another week of school, a week of Spring Break, and then another month of school before summer vacation; but, essentially, after the CRCT test is done - what's the point?  In Georgia, everything seems to ride on the CRCT results.   Teachers have to make sure those CRCT standards are taught and cemented into their students' hard heads so that the school can meet state standards and AYP (the federal guidelines for Adequated Yearly Progress).  And in 3rd, 5th and 8th grades, students must pass the CRCT to advance to the next grade level. 

Orangeboy and (not-twin!) Sister are both in 5th grade this year.  They will have no problem passing the CRCT with flying colors.  In fact, Orangeboy looks forward to the CRCT every year.  I assume this is because he gets to show his stuff and there will be a set of numerical scores on permanent record to prove how smart he really is.  I can understand how seeing his good scores and high percentile ranking could be a ego boost for him, but I'm not so sure they are as valuable as he wants to believe.  In the long run of life, Orangeboy may do better to focus less on grades and more on learning some of the rules and skills that he thinks are so arbitrary and useless; like social skills and manners.  High test scores might make him a teacher favorite and get him a scholarship to a good college, but if he shows up at a job interview improperly dressed and picking at himself - the dumber candidate with people skills and fashion sense will probably get the job.  Unless he wants to work at a nuclear plant in Japan.

His prospects weren't looking good on the first day of CRCT testing.  As we were leaving the house, I noticed he was drooling.  I scolded him and his siblings replied, "He always does that in the morning." 
I am well aware that he tends to neglect to swallow his saliva during the earliest part of the day before his brain enhancing meds kick in, but my hope springs eternal that he will learn to take more care.
However, I was slightly chagrined when Orangeboy also defended himself by grumbling,
"It doesn't HELP.  It just keeps coming back!"

I'm considering formulating a multiple choice test that I can use to ensure he meets Annual Yearly Progress in social/self-awareness skills.

Question 1:
You are still feeling a little sleepy as you get dressed for school in the morning.  Which would be the best method to ensure that you get ready on time and aren 't scolded:
A)  Breathe deeply, stretch, and keep moving through your morning routine
B)  Yell insults and "jokes" about your sister so she will help you wake up by hitting you in the head
C)  Sob loudly
D)  Pull on your clothes, skip breakfast, and go sit in the car and drool

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