We're Back and NOT Hiding!

Wishing you a happy and well-adjusted year in 2011!
I can't believe I haven't posted since November. I guess you could say I took the holiday season off. This seems like the holiday that never ends. The kids were out of school for two and a half weeks and finally went back for just four days before getting two "snow days" off. We actually have ice and not snow. We are just below the snow line. When the "Deep South" gets snow, we get flurries that don't stick or freezing rain and ice. This time around; however, a good portion of the state got ice. Interstate highways are shut down and we are iced in. Even when I walked out to the barn to feed the animals, ice froze on the bottom of my boots (which are more fashionable than functional)and I nearly busted my butt when I stepped back into the carport.

Orangeboy has enjoyed his time off; although his mood these days is more subdued or negative than silly, and he was quite bored while visiting family at my Aunt's house. Even so, he always appreciates opportunities to sleep very late and spend hours on his computer or playing Wii games. He did take some breaks to play someone in Chess or Stratego.

As usual, Orangeboy didn't know what he wanted for Christmas and when the day finally came, he didn't seem overly thrilled with most of his gifts. He said his favorite gift was the gift from Brother, which was a package of 48 AA batteries. He uses those in the Wii remotes and uses far too many. I can't keep up with the rechargeable batteries even.

I don't play Wii games much, but the kid got me into Tetris during the long New Year's weekend. Those repetitive strategy games are surprisingly addictive. I see why Orangeboy uses up so many batteries.

Today, while we were all iced in together, the Father-figure organized a game of indoor hide-and-seek. I was like Really? Two eleven year olds, and a twelve year old are going to play indoor hide-and-seek with their father? But they did. And Orangeboy hates to be the seeker.

I was not involved in the game. I was upstairs in my room putting away clean clothes when Brother runs in and tries to crawl under the bed.
"You're still trying to hide?", I asked, as I knew the counting had ended a couple of minutes ago.
Brother hurried out of the room to find a better place to hide. A minute later, Orangeboy peers in at me. I suggested he try the closet.
"Get in there in the back and scrunch up in the corner under the clothes. No one will see you there. Hurry!"
Orangeboy walks into my closet and looks under the hanging clothes.
"Get under there! No, no, get on your hands and knees and back in. Sit back. Scoot!"
When I had him successfully scrunched in the corner of the closet, I hurried out so I wouldn't give away his position. And then I hear Orangeboy's muffled voice say,

Now he tells me!

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