Loving school lunch

It is still perplexing to me the way Orangeboy sorts his priorities.  What excites him as opposed to what doesn't seems random.   The last two days he has mentioned repeatedly that he is going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lunch at school on Wednesday.   It SUPER SACK LUNCH DAY!   Why in the world is he so excited about a sack lunch?  I asked him.  He told me that he liked the sandwich.  He likes the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

Okay.  It's not like he can't get that at home.  I even allow him to take his lunch when he can't or won't eat what the school has on the menu. 

I guess a lunch that you don't have to make for yourself just tastes that much better.  I get it; except, that this sort of brings me to another seeming Orangeboy contradiction.   He can't sit still, he runs or scuttles everywhere he goes, he gripes about boredom if he doesn't have anything to do.... he's hyper and yet -
lazy?  He's hyper and busy, but possibly so lazy that the thought of having a sack lunch he likes that he doesn't have to make for himself is enough to keep him running in a cycle of anticipation for two days?

Yes, this is the kind of stuff I stumble over all the time when it comes to trying to understand Orangeboy.


  1. Is it possible the sandwich is an uncrustable? Because I remember being excited about those... And my school always had very soft, fluffy bread... Maybe he just really likes something about their sandwiches...

  2. You're probably right, N. That's funny, two days of excitement for uncrusted sandwiches - yet still no mention of Christmas. Maybe the thought of getting gifts is just so over-the-top exciting for him that he can't even think about it!

  3. It's 2011 now. Was Orangeboy excited about the date?

    I wish Orangeboy many sack lunches!


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