The Tooth Fairy is Dead

How is it that my son can call church "a big trick" and maybe not believe in God; despite going to Sunday school and church every week, and knowing details about Bible stories that most adults don't remember, and yet still believe in The Tooth Fairy?   Is this madness or just a difficulty in distinquishing fantasy from reality that many kids raised on television and Asperger's supposedly possess?

It is another one of those things that I can't figure about Orangeboy.  He so often seems doubtful and untrusting.  He questions my authority, as a parent, and the level of care he can expect from me.  He pouts and stalls when he thinks I am wrong or asking him to do something unreasonably dangerous - like take out the garbage.  And whereas, my oldest son, who has severe food allergies, will trust the foods that I, his mother, present to him; Orangeboy, with his milk allergy, will sometimes question me. 
"Are you sure this doesn't have milk in it?"  or even, "I don't want that, it might have milk in it."

"Son, I am your MOTHER!  I KNOW you have an allergy to milk and I READ the ingredients on EVERYTHING!"

And yet, this same boy believes this hoccum about The Tooth Fairy that I have perpetuated.  You may fault me for basically lying to a boy who has trust issues; but in my defense, I have never insisted that The Tooth Fairy is real.  I merely read a book to the children when they were very young that told the legend of the The Tooth Fairy and then encouraged them to leave each lost baby tooth under the pillow to see if The Tooth Fairy left them money. 

I never said, "The Tooth Fairy will leave you money if you put your tooth under the pillow."
I suggested they try it, and when some small change was discovered instead of the tooth on a subsequent morning, the children chose to believe.   Eventually, my oldest son began to get wise to the possibility that a parent could and would perpetuate a deception upon a child for the sake of fun and deniable generosity.
I feel that his younger sister is also getting suspicious and is just playing along to ensure the continued flow of funds as long as she has teeth to lose. (And she seems to be part shark at this point.)
Orangeboy has taken a completely different psychological path - as he so often does.  He stopped announcing the occasion of a lost tooth around a year ago.  He managed to pull or lose two or three teeth without any outward signs of the losses.   I have discerned that he placed at least one tooth under his pillow in secret.  The Tooth Fairy money did not show up.   And his conclusion has been verbalized as such:
"The Tooth Fairy does not come to our house anymore because SHE (indicating part-shark sister) loses too many teeth!"

Inexplicable, Orangeboy.    Next, I'm going to tell him the legend of The Dangerous Girlfriends.

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  1. Two reasons Orangeboy might believe:

    1) the teeth are real.

    2) the money!


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