Oh, stop your yapping before I puncture your tire!

Orangeboy still has the tendency to talk to adults as if he is their employer.   I just can't get him to understand or accept the role of "deferential child".   Last week I had to check him out of class and take him to a dental appointment.   He came out of the school slowly and grumbling.  He didn't say anything to me on the ride to the dental office.   On the way in he tripped on the concrete ramp to the door.
He growled, "THIS should be better marked!"
He made a face at the hygienist when she asked if he was ready.   When the cleaning was finished and his teeth had been inspected by the Dentist, the Hygienist came out to the waiting room and, chuckling, told me that Orangeboy had requested his next appointment not be during school hours or "at least not so close to lunch".
This was pretty much a moot request because I was the one who had scheduled the appointment.  Also, appointments have to be made months in advance and sometimes one has to take what is available.  I was a little miffed at Orangeboy's Mister Bossy-Butt attitude and behavior.  Then I started thinking: It's a good thing that Orangeboy is short, skinny and fuzzy-headed.   I imagine that if he were a large, mature eleven-year-old, he wouldn't get the same reactions from people.   In that case, I doubt the hygienist would have found his irritable tone and bossy request to be amusing.
I find him to be rather irritating at times like this, but he is the kind of irritating that is a small, yippy dog and not the kind of irritating that is a neighbor cranking his motorcycle every morning at five am.  With a constantly yipping little dog the reaction is "Oh there you go again, just shut it will ya?"
With the cranking neighbor it's a slow boil reaction of building fury until you flip your lid and go over and puncture his tires at 4:30 am.
So even though I often hate that people tolerate and even reinforce Orangeboy's Big Bad Boss behavior with their reactions to his cute smallness; in the long run, it is probably better for him (and his skull) to not be taken too seriously.  Although, I suspect that Orangeboy would more likely picture himself as the guy revving up a big Harley in the driveway.

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