You're just USING Potter!

Orangeboy and his focus on numbers - scores, measurements, Sodoku - is getting fairly predictable but is still amusing.  This morning he announced that he had 78 advanced reading (AR) points.  His goal for this semester was only 30, so I asked him how he got so many points.   He said he had been reading "Harry Potter" books.  He added that the Harry Potter books give lots of points - and that is all he had to say about them.

I can't help but think of all the book clubs, fan sites and preteens who couldn't shut up about the series, who know Hogwarts school motto, the names of each "house", and the rules of Quidditch.  How horrified would they be to know that Orangeboy is reading the series for the extra AR points?   Surely it is blasphemous to read this series without becoming a ravenous Potter fan!

Orangeboy has read three books from the series and shows absolutely no effects from the exposure!  It is extraordinary. 


  1. I might be considered a ravenous Harry Potter fan and am not so shocked that he would be reading the books for points.

    (And I dare say that many other children are doing the same thing!)

    I would have been more shocked that Potter is part of academia! And that such a populist press as Scholastic has published them in the US.

    (I was a bit shocked at the Chinese parodies of the books. It was an act of piracy).

    Never tickle a sleeping dragon, right?

  2. Not surprised to hear of the Chinese version. It seems that replication is the highest form of flattery in China. Or the lowest form of Capitalism.

  3. Oh, yeah!

    Lowest form of capitalism.

    Reminds me of the elephant book joke.

  4. I really like your blog and i respect your work. I’ll be a frequent visitor.


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