Remember, this isn't Labor Day

Orangeboy flits and hops into the kitchen singing, "Today is Memorial Day!"

Grandfather asks, "What IS Memorial Day?"

Orangeboy grins and crows, "May 31st!"

Mom attempts to clarify because she feels she is the authority on translating things into Orangeboy logic:
"What are we remembering or memorializing or Memorial Day?"

Orangeboy, "Not to work!"

"No, that's Labor Day."

"What?!  What Mom?"

"Labor Day is the day we take a day off from work.  Memorial Day is when we remember those who served and died in military service."

Orangeboy (with held tilted and eyes cast to the corners and up, as he does when appearing to beseech the light fixtures or light gods for clarification):  "What?!"

Orangeboy just can't understand why we would take a day off and have a cookout to celebrate people who died in wars and stuff.  
What's so hard to understand about that?

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