Does that really work?

Have you ever been driving in the car, trying to find a place, and you know you are close but can't see it yet?  Or you are trying to spot a turn and you're afraid you are about to miss it, and so you turn the radio down?  That doesn't make much sense, but I bet you've done it!  It's like you think you can SEE better if you can HEAR better.

We were driving around last weekend - the whole family - and Spouse suddenly realized we were dreadfully low on gas.  We were on the interstate and he decided to get off at the next exit because he knew a particular gas station there with low prices.   We were talking about the situation and looking for the gas station as we turned off the ramp.   Spouse was squinting through the windshield, trying to make the particular sign for which he was searching jump into view. Then he reached over and turned down the radio.

About that time, from the back, we hear Orangeboy ask, "Does that really work?"
I absently inquired, "Does what really work?"
Orangeboy: "Does it really save gas to turn down the radio?"
I said, "No, of course not, the radio runs off the battery and it uses only a small amount of power anyway."

It was only after this retort that I realized why he had asked.  He was just trying to make sense out of more wack-a-doo adult behavior!

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