Take him! No, you take him!

Imagine two 10 year olds who sound like six year old cartoon characters having this irritated conversation:
(The boy has a snotty nose and has been verbally harrassing the girl all morning for unknown reasons.)

Boy: "YOU are going to grow up to be a lonely old woman with eight chill - dren."

Girl:  "Why would I be lonely?"

Boy: "Because you will be an old woman without a man."  (Where did he get this sexist idea?!)

Girl, indignantly:  "I think the children will fill that gap.   AND if I have a kid like YOU I will give it to you!"

Boy:  "Well I will refuse it."

Girl:  "No you won't!  You will take it and like it!"

Boy:  "Why don't I get the freedom to choose?  It's an offer isn't it?"

Girl:  "NO!  It is not.  I will MAKE you take it."    (Poor rejected Orangeboy-like offspring!)

Boy:  "Then I will slam the door in your face if you try to do that."

Girl:   "Why would you refuse someone that acts like you!?"

Boy:  "Well...."  (seems stumped)

I think she got him on that last one.  The conversation sort of died on the vine at that point.


  1. This argument is way better than any of the arguments that happen at my house. They usually go like this:

    Jack: [SHOVE!]

    Sam: MOOOOOOMMMMM!!! Jack hit me!

    See? Not as fun.

  2. Stimey, you're funny! And it's true, they have extremely creative arguments, but even those get me crazy after awhile. I then yell, "Stop your crazy, nonsense arguing!"


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