He Be Gellin'

Orangeboy has made another developmental leap.  He wants me to put gel in his hair and style it. 
This is a good one. 

Because he is visually impaired and has had this tendency to be a little unconcerned about how he looks to others; Orangeboy rarely bothers to consult a mirror.  Recently, I suggested the gellin' of his hair because, to be honest, I was a little bored of his thick, hat-look hair.  He has very coarse, thick hair and it tends to grow forward and lay down flat and never move.  This is rather convenient for most school day mornings.  He doesn't really have a need to spend time brushing his hair, but I thought it would be fun to spike it or force into compliance with a part now and then.  

Orangeboy was pretty thrilled with the initial results.  He studied his hair in a magnifying mirror for long enough for me to have to say, "That's enough, we have to leave."
The next morning he met me coming out of my bedroom to ask if I was going to gel his hair again.  His monotone voice had an almost detectable lilt of excitment in it.   At first I didn't understand what he was asking.  He had already taken his stimulants but I had not had mine.  He looked a little crestfallen when I told him I didn't understand him, but he repeated himself twice in rapid succession, and after giving it a second for my brain to translate "R U GONNA-A-A PU-OOTGELLIN MY HAYERNOW?" into something that gave me a clear mental image, I said, "Sure!"   And he smiled his happiness.

He allows me to gel his hair with only the slightest mutterings of "ow, ow, ow".   Considering that in the past when I had to brush his teeth for him he would usually cry or at least tear up, and that he would complain on those rare days that I did brush his hair, these quiet murmers of discomfort are significant for showing his interest in having his hair styled.

He's a mystery... but he is a stylin' mystery.

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  1. His spiked/gelled hair is great.

    I can imagine you had fun with it over the spring holidays!


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