Camp, camp, where are you?

What to do with an odd little boy who is too smart and energetic to waste away the summer at home, but has so many little challenges that camps and activities to suit him are very limited or very expensive?

He likes using the computer and would probably like computer camp, but he really needs to work on his social skills and sportsmanship.  And I can't find any affordable, local computer camps.

He likes to swim but he must be protected from the sun and can't be outside for most of the day.

Occupational or physical therapy-type activites wouldn't be a bad idea, but then there's that sun thing again, and the bug bite reactions, and the low vision, and the hating too much physcial exertion.   Oh and the fact that he is very photophobic and can't adjust to the bright sunlight.  And that therapeautic camps are mucho expensivo!   And the antagonists would be VERY put out if I spent all our summer activity money on Orangeboy.

Art and Arts camps abound, but Orangeboy doesn't really enjoy that stuff. I'd rather send the antagonists to those types of things.

Orangeboy also hates horses.  So no hippatherapy.

And we live too far away from EVERYTHING!

He wouldn't enjoy spending too much time with his grandparents because they are into a lot of outdoor things; like gardening, mowing, collecting eggs from the chickens, going camping...  Orangeboy hates all of that except for the part of going camping where he gets to eat roasted marshmallows.   He doesn't necessarily enjoy the roasting part, just the eating part.  Somebody else is welcome to roast it for him.

I need a nearby computer daycamp with a half scholarship program, that has an indoor pool, a few non-competitive exercise activities in the schedule, and social worker counselors who will help him interact with other campers.  They should also have a nurse on duty in case he has an allergic reaction. 
That doesn't sound like too much to ask, does it?

Yes it is.

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