He couldn't wait and FINALLY it's time...

...For standardized testing!  That's right, folks, it is time for the CRCT.  CRCT stands for Criterion Referenced Curriculum Test, or Curriculum Referencing Criterion Test, or Crazy Random Choice Test, or something.
Anyway, Orangeboy looks forward to this week of testing every Spring.  He counts down to it from about two weeks in advance.  Every morning we are all reminded that it is just 12 days-or 9 days-or 4 days until the CRCT!  
He is also likely to tactlessly tell his sister that there is "at least the possibility that you could fail the CRCT.  Maybe it is not probable, but it IS possible, you know."

Orangeboy received awards last school year on Honors Day for getting the highest score on the Math portion and the Science portion of the CRCT.  As I was making my way to the the cafeteria for the Honors Day program, I was hailed by various teachers and staff who wanted to make sure I knew that they had never SEEN a score that high on the science portion.  I was a bit taken aback since I had assumed that these scores were fairly confidential.  I guess I was mistaken.  I suppose that this year everyone will be awaiting the announcement of Orangeboy's scores.  That's a lot of pressure for a fourth grader, but he loves it.

I'll just have to give the usual speech about the difference between being proud of One's accomplishments and "rubbing it in".  Otherwise, I'll end up having to fine his sister for a hitting violation.

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  1. Well, it is not the Crazy Random Choice Test, I am sure!

    In my part of the world, many teachers are boycotting for their students not to have to take such a test.

    (There are university maths and science competitions, though [as well as English and geography]. To get a distinction or a high distinction is a tough one: quite a few people get credits).

    Yay for loving pressure.

    (And that can be taken both ways.)


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