I don't think he would ever fall victim to a molester

Orangeboy and a priestlike man named Eric meet in a dim office:

PEdo: "You're a handsome fellow. Would you like to help me with something VERY important?"

Oboy: "Weeellll... maybe."

PEdo: "I have a very special job for a smart young man like you. I can tell you're smart.
Do you know how?"

Oboy: "No, I don't think you can tell just from looking at me. You're just saying that."

PEdo: "Uh, okay. I was going to say because you act so grown up and serious. You ARE very
grown up aren't you?"

Oboy: "Not really, I'm actually kind of small."

PEdo: "Well, I guess so. Um... I was going to share a special grown up secret with you, but... (pondering a new tactic)... I know! Would you like some candy?"

Oboy: "I'm allergic to most candy because I'm allergic to chocolate- or actually dairy. But I do like Twizzlers, if you have some of those."

PEdo: (sighing) "No. I don't have Twizzlers." (frustrated pause)
"Would you like to sit here beside me and let me show you my really cool stamp collection?"

Oboy: "No thanks."

PEdo reaches over and starts to rub Orangeboy's shoulders. Orangeboy SHREEKS!

P: "What's the matter!?"

O: "You PINCHED me!"

P: "No I didn't! I was going to rub your shoulders! You need to relax little boy!"

O: "No that hurts!"

P: "I didn't DO anything!!! I swear! I barely touched you! Sheeesh! What IS YOUR DEAL, KID?!"


PEdo: "Yes! Leave, kid! - I need to call a Shrink anyway."


  1. What a great dialogue!

    There are so many ways it could play out though.

    There might be a pretty woman, for instance.

    (Hasn't Orangeboy already been abused and neglected, in the first three years of his life?)

  2. Thank you, Adelaide, for your continued encouragement.
    And, yes, possibly some abuse and neglect but not molestation. Anyway, this was a silly way of showing that the boy is guileless but not gullible.

  3. Do appreciate that.

    "Guileness but not gullible".

    The two look so very similar, but they have such different meanings.

    I hope Orangeboy doesn't ever get molested. Some children of my acquaintance with Chinese and Korean backgrounds DID and it wrecked their lives a great deal.


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