A Stand Up Comic

This morning Orangeboy decided that maybe he would be a comedian and then he could get paid when people laughed at him. Then he said he would jump out in the audience and hit them when they laughed and he didn't want them to.

I simply informed him that comedians get paid to get people to laugh and that if the audience runs out screaming he would not get paid.

He said he would just get paid in advance.

Not likely, but maybe I should try to apprentice him to Lewis Black.


  1. Fascinating concept...I've treated my share of slutty adolescent females that also ultimately decided that they might as well get paid for what they were already doing. Like Orangeboy, they also sometimes physically assaulted their patrons...

  2. To Above:
    You,sir,spend a lot of time wading in the gutters, don't you? The gutters of your own mind...


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