OH NO! I forgot his meds!

This morning was a fairly typical haphazard summer break morning, where we all got up a little late and we needed to get to our office before lunch - at LEAST.
By the time I got dressed, DH had been up a little while and two out of three kids were up. I went to the kitchen and got some breakfast going for the kids and DH left for the office. Usually, he gives our little Monkeyboy/Spectrum Child his meds in the morning. But since he left hurriedly before the kids had breakfast, he didn't do that. I didn't even think about it until I was almost to the office with all three kids in the backseat.
(Yes, not only do I work with DH, but I have to take the kids to the office when they are not in school, camp, or with grandparents. Hey, it makes life more.. umm... interesting.)
Usually Monkeyboy acts a little wild for the first part of the morning until his brain enhancers kick in, so his behavior in the car didn't really alert me until we were almost at the office. Our office is about an hour commute from our rural homeplace. Then I realized - Oh sh--t (shoot), I forgot...!
So the morning office routine was anything but routine. The kids went into an unused conference room with their games, markers, etc and I could hear "the boy" from my office, loud and clear - well maybe not CLEAR, but loud. So I thought I would try a little caffeine. As a stimulant, I've heard it is sometimes helpful for "focusing" those with ADHD.
Didn't help much.
At one point, DH/The Boss came out of his office to see what the ruckus in the conference room was about and Monkeyboy went up to his Dad and them sprang suddenly straight up in the air (as he often does during hyper times) and clocked Dad in the chin with his hard head. Needless to say, The Boss was not happy!
I finally had to resort to making him sit in the kitchenette by himself for a little while--not The Boss, but Monkeyboy.
--No distractions, no interactions keeps a monkeyboy calmer! --
The moral to this story is: "Give as directed!"
Or maybe, "Self-employment isn't for everyone!"


  1. Yes we have a lot of 'hyper' going on around here too. Warp speed and the 'routine' seems to have gone to pot.

  2. I feel your pain! We have our guy a "Concerta holiday" the other day and he did not stop talking. For a minute. Even while eating. And he ran away from Dad at the store, something he never does on is "meds." I guess it is good to do that just to assure ourselves it is NOT our imagination!

    Also, China, how do you do that "Other blogs" feature on your site? And do you get much traffic from being a part of the autism bloggers ring?

    I finally added your blog to my blog roll; I love it!

  3. I added the Blog List page element and changed the title.
    I just joined the ring, so we'll see.


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