Top 10 List - Things Mom Says Too Often

10. Do not touch yourself there in public. -Public means in front of other people.
9. You've had enough computer time.
8. What are you doing?! What's all that noise?
7. Did your Dad give you your brain enhancers yet? (refers to medications)
6. Don't bite your toes! I told you to always wear socks.
5. Stop biting your nails.
4. Why, why, why? I just told you why, no more "why" questions!
3. I'm talking to you - please look at me.
2. I asked you a question, I expect an answer - talk.
1. Please stop talking!


  1. Anonymous15/7/08

    thanks for visiting my blog:)
    thought I would stop by and check out your blog too. I like it very much. Will be back again!

  2. Anonymous22/7/08

    Have you been spying on me!! I know I've said a bunch of those SAME THINGS. :)


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