Car Conversation Cameos

Here are some snatches of odd car conversation with spectrum boy, drama princess sister, and big brother.

BB: (referring to last night's lightning storm that kept most of us awake) "You mean all this happened while I was ASLEEP?"
Drama P: (8 yrs old going on 16): "Yes. Tragic isn't it?"

Drama P: (referring to who-knows?) "Well, that's humorous."
BB: "Humerus as in upper arm bone, or humorous as in really funny?"

Spectrum: "Hey, this says, 'Collect all five'. So, what number is this one?"
Mom: "They probably didn't think they needed to actually number the toys; it wouldn't matter to most kids."
Spectrum: "Well, it matters to me."

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  1. Huh! It matters to a couple of people around here too!


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