Pictures Aren't Necessary

For Christmas, Orangeboy received The Manga Guide to Databases, among other things.  He spent most of Christmas day with his face in this book. I finally asked him what he thought about his new book on databases and his assessment was, "Well, I don't care much for the graphics, but it is very informative."

Yes, people, this manual on a tediously boring subject is illustrated with exciting anime characters in a comic book style in order to make it more palatable to the average young reader, and Orangeboy prefers a focus on just the dry information.   It shouldn't be surprising that his second favorite tome is a thick old book about Chess strategy.   He has read it many times and has become a pretty good Chess player, but he doesn't play often. He isn't really enamored of the game itself - just the rules and strategy.   

The good news is that he is actually creating some databases.  I'm not sure exactly what he's doing, but it's something about all of his video games and all the rules, characters, points, levels, bonuses, etc, etc...
And he said something about creating a database for his closet so that he never runs out of hangers and makes sure that he always gets every item back from the laundry room.   I think he is forging ahead with one even though I told him it might be bad idea to track his laundry, unless he is going to start doing the laundry himself.

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