Pronunciation and Planning

Today Orangeboy told us that he made 100 on his "Language Chameleonist Test".  It sure is a good thing that it wasn't an oral test that required being able to properly pronounce "Cumulative Language Test". 

On the other hand, for Science, his ADHD kicked in and he may not get 100 on the project that was due today.  He had a week to do the project and waited until the day before to tell me he needed some reference information, as well as two photos and a map.   Unfortunately, we didn't have time to go back to the library and I couldn't get the home printer to work.   So he wrote the report using the information he got from the internet, while crying about not having pictures and a map.  

He'll turn in the pics and map next week and only get a few points off.

Poor kid, he has it rough sometimes.

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