Aspergers and Speech Problems

See how complicated it is to explain Orangeboy's speech problems? When a traditional testing method is used to determine if he needs speech services, he passes. But he still sounds a bit like a monotone Elmer Fudd at times. Then other times he channels Porky Pig. He tends to answer questions with WAY too many details and he ducks his head so it is difficult to hear him or determine to whom he is addressing his speech.
I knew I wasn't making this up!

My Aspergers Child: Aspergers Children and Speech Problems: "Approximately 50% of kids with Aspergers have delayed speech. While many kids grow out of this by age five, others go on to experience other..."

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  1. LOL! My 11 year old Aspie son was the same. I read recently that speech delay ISN'T an Aspergers characteristic and indicated a more general High Functioning Autism diagnosis. Crazy, isn't it, the way there is so much contradiction out there? (I disagreed: he's Aspie through and through!) http://www.ParentingAspergersChildren.com


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