So now I know that The Amber Spyglass is part of that trilogy which included The Golden Compass. I, myself, am not into fantasy literature. I really don't think Orangeboy is either. We went back to the school library and swapped The Amber Spyglass for two nonfiction books. He was happy with the choices and has been reading away every evening. He's been pondering over his reading, too. One day he asked his Dad, "Was Chick-A-go made of wood?"

Dad asked, "What? Chick-A-what?"

Orangeboy repeated, "Chick-A-go. Was it covered in wood?"

Dad still didn't understand, so he asked Orangeboy to spell Chick-A-go.


One of the books Orangeboy is now reading is about the great Chicago fire. So, after his Dad finished laughing his butt off (because Dad is just mean that way), he told Orangeboy that yes, at that time, most of Chicago was made of wood.

Sure, it's an easy mistake to make if you've never been to Chicago or read about it before, but this is the kind of mistake that Orangeboy often makes because of his habit of rarely seeking guidance or advice. He trusts his own opinion over all others as often as possible and he also tends to go with the most logical and simple reasoning. This is why he tends to just sound out words using the most common rules of English. Anyone who is literate in English knows that this technique fails fairly often with this language. The are too many exceptions to just go around reading unfamiliar words without a dictionary or the help of an experienced reader. But Orangeboy persists, and even though no one else may ever know what he's talking about, he does.

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