That's MISTER, Doctor, Professor Orangeboy to YOU!

Orangeboy's father is still suggesting that he might become a math professor. Father-figure told Orangeboy's older brother that he could have his brother for a professor one day. When Older Brother and I heard this we both asked, "How's that?"

Father-figure's reasoning was that Orangeboy would go right through and get his doctorate; whereas, Older Brother would get his Bachelors degree and go right onto a career path for a few years and then go back to school for a Masters and end up having his little brother for a professor. Interesting, if slightly complicated, theory, eh?

Older Brother acted out his part in this future math course taught by Orangeboy, by conspiratorally and proudly saying,
"That's my little brother up there."

Orangeboy immediately groaned and said, "Say YOUNGER brother, not LITTLE. OK?!"

-Already worried about his credibility and image as a young professor.

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