Madcap May

I think this is a turbulent time of the year for Orangeboy - the last few weeks of school.
Standardized testing is over - boo.
He's met his advanced reading goal and doesn't need to take anymore multiple choice computer tests or keep track of how many books he's read and how many points he's earned towards his AR goal - boo.
Mom took him to get his hair cut really short yesterday because it's starting to get hot and he gets a very sweaty head when his thick hair is longer. When the stylist asked if he liked his new haircut okay, he replied, "I didn't want it cut anyway." Boo hoo.
Supper is served before dark and he is confused about the time. Some mornings are still cool enough for a jacket, but some afternoons are warm enough to go swimming. There are all these notes to remember to give Mom from school about end of the year events and business. He only has one more report card to look forward to. Class is less predictable and they may get more recess time. He still has PE and hates it.

Yes, May is difficult for Orangeboy. He likes to spend most of his free time seeking solace in playing video games. He's pretty quiet but he doesn't sleep quite as well and mornings are difficult. On the other hand, it won't be long before school will be out and he won't have to get up so early in the morning. He likes that. He loves to sleep in.
He doesn't like being out in the heat and getting sweaty, but he does like warm weather much better than cold weather. And to Orangeboy, anything below 60 degrees F is cold weather, so summer is good. Also Orangeboy loves to swim, even though he's not a real strong swimmer. As long as the water isn't too cold, he loves flailing around in a swimming pool. So the end of May and the beginning of summer is something to look forward to.
It's much easier to get dressed in summer also. Once the mornings are no longer very cool, Orangeboy can just throw on a t-shirt and jeans and be done with it. He doesn't have to worry about long sleeves or short, or whether to wear a jacket or coat. Wardrobe frustrations really won't be a problem until maybe July when it's REALLY hot and humid and Mom starts asking,
"Don't you want to wear SHORTS instead of those jeans?"
Orangeboy doesn't know how to answer that question. He only knows he wants shorts on AFTER he gets too hot and sweaty in his jeans.

Oh well, if he can just get through these last few topsy, turvy weeks of school. June will be easy, peasy. Unless Mom decides to send him to some kind of crazy arts camp or something.



  1. Happy Mother's Day to you! You are doing a GREAT job in a very much underappreciated job! Hope you get a much-deserved break today!

  2. May is a tricky month. So close, yet so far 'til the end of school. Cold in the morning, hot in the afternoon.

  3. Poor Orangeboy! May is pretty stressful for me, too, this year. I can empathize.


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