Lots of channels and no toe room

We have sold out. After years of not paying for television, we have gotten satellite tv. Actually, we did have cable for about 8 years, but that was ultra basic cable for about fifteen dollars a month. In our first house we could tune in two or three channels with an antennae and we were fine with that. We mostly just watched "Seinfeld" anyway. In our next house we discovered that we couldn't tune in anything at all with an antennae. We asked around and found this to be true of the entire area - no airwaves reached. So when a relative gave us a second television, we decided to get basic cable. We moved again, and for the last three years we have been back to the antennae and two channels. Now with the threat of THE BIG SWITCH to digital looming, we decided to go ahead and jump into the wonderful world of satellite rather than converting, scanning, buying digital antennae, etc. Besides, have you seen what comes on network television these days?!? There's actually a lot more kid-safe tv available with satellite. There is Nick, Cartoon Network, Noggin, Disney, ABC Family, Discovery - not to mention several religious stations with "values-based" childrens' programming.
Now about Orangeboy's reaction. He seemed very excited to hear that we were getting satellite television. He was especially interested in the fact that we would get over 100 channels. He asked when the guys were coming to put in the 100 channels. When I picked the kids up from school on the day "the guys" were scheduled to install the satellite, Orangeboy's first question was, "Did they install the channels yet?"
When we arrived home, the kids went directly to the television to check out the new television possibilities. Orangeboy stood and looked at the tv for about two minutes and then he went straight to his room to do his homework. How wonderfully responsible and dutiful. And how untypical! His siblings had to be convinced to start their homework and both begged to be allowed "just this once" to do their homework in front of the tv.
After finishing his homework, Orangeboy decided to......
get on the computer.
Orangeboy didn't even watch tv that day. He didn't watch any on the second day that we had over 100 channels either. On the third evening, Dad was home and the whole family ended up in the living room watching a cool show on the Discovery channel - except Orangeboy. He did finally end up watching the show with us, but only after I fetched him and told him to watch tv with the rest of the family. How weird is that? To have to go and convince your child that he should be watching television?
I think Orangeboy was really only excited about the concept of over 100 channels. He didn't really have any intention of getting into television watching. He's still strolling down a different path and listening to a different drummer than the rest of us boob-tube zombies.

On another note, under the category of something to be aware of:
Orangeboy outgrew his shoes. He and his siblings are outgrowing things rather quickly these days. The trouble is that Orangeboy, unlike his siblings, never complains that things are too small. It doesn't seem to bother him at all to put on a long-sleeved shirt with sleeves that actually only just extend a little past his elbows. He isn't self-conscious about jeans that float three inches above his ankles. And, now I know, he doesn't think it's a problem to scrunch his toes into his shoes.
The other day I overheard him muttering in his room about his socks being too fat. Then the next day he took a long time to get his shoes on. I asked why he was having trouble getting his shoes on and he said that they were just a little tight. He didn't say this as if he were alerting me to needing new shoes, he just muttered like it was a small complaint. So I asked him if he thought his shoes might be getting too small. He wasn't sure. So I asked if his toes were touching the ends of his shoes on the inside. "
Orangeboy replied, "Well, not if I curl my toes under."
Okay. Guess what Orangeboy? Having to curl your toes under means your shoes are too small.
So we went to the shoe store and bought him some new shoes. The shoes he was wearing were a size 12. The new shoes are size 13 1/2.
Yeah. He had outgrown his shoes. Maybe next time he'll know that it is alright to tell Mom that he needs new shoes when he has to curl his toes and his socks feel too fat.


  1. I wish I could tell you that Orange Boy will tell you next time his shoes get too small. But since he seems to be my boychild-twin, I'll guess that he won't. He will probably notice, but he probably won't ever think to tell you. Or else he'll think that he should tell you, but never remember to do it when he can do it. That's my life.

  2. Thanks again Quirky Mom. I'll have to try and remember to keep tabs on his toes then. I'm not so good at remembering to say something at the right time either. It's a good thing feet eventually stop growing!

  3. We recently got our first flat screen TV and also got "beyond basic" cable for the first time in years. All Sayer is interested in is the Golf channel! But, he does like it.


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