Busy work and doodles

When Orangeboy is bored, he may busy himself with doodling in a notebook. Here are three examples of his busywork:

This first one is obviously about prime and composite numbers of which I know little about.

The second is percentages of 850,000.

And then we have a creative rendition of a... ummm... a maze? map? abstract of a graph?

He doesn't show me this work. I have to catch him at it or snoop around and find it, so don't tell him I showed you his "stuff". He might be mad.
It's kind of cool though, don't you think?


  1. Those are fascinating. :)

    Does he get embarrassed if you catch him at this? I ask because there are certain things Apple will get extremely embarrassed if I "catch" her doing them. Pretend play is one. She will let out a high-pitched YELL if I look at her when she's doing some sort of pretend play.

  2. Anonymous20/1/09

    very cool and quite impressive. I'm going with maze on the third one

  3. Yes, QM, he does. He didn't want me to see his notebook.

    And Vivienne: Yes, I think it is a maze.

  4. Nice blog here! The notebook is very, very cool - I love the percentages! I have a son who adores numbers as well :)


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