Busy work and doodles

When Orangeboy is bored, he may busy himself with doodling in a notebook. Here are three examples of his busywork:

This first one is obviously about prime and composite numbers of which I know little about.

The second is percentages of 850,000.

And then we have a creative rendition of a... ummm... a maze? map? abstract of a graph?

He doesn't show me this work. I have to catch him at it or snoop around and find it, so don't tell him I showed you his "stuff". He might be mad.
It's kind of cool though, don't you think?


  1. Those are fascinating. :)

    Does he get embarrassed if you catch him at this? I ask because there are certain things Apple will get extremely embarrassed if I "catch" her doing them. Pretend play is one. She will let out a high-pitched YELL if I look at her when she's doing some sort of pretend play.

  2. very cool and quite impressive. I'm going with maze on the third one

  3. Yes, QM, he does. He didn't want me to see his notebook.

    And Vivienne: Yes, I think it is a maze.

  4. Nice blog here! The notebook is very, very cool - I love the percentages! I have a son who adores numbers as well :)


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