After school briefing

As I walked up the breezeway to meet the kids after school, Orangeboy got to me first. He didn't hug me or say "Hi Mom."
Instead, he reported, "I got my report card today. I didn't get my AR goal yet, but I did get my dots and they are the same, basically, except my range is higher, so I scored pretty good."

A teacher on duty stood nearby listening with an amused expression.

The translation of his short report is: 1)he was excited to have his report card because he sort of obsesses about grades, and 2) he had taken a test to determine his advanced reading (AR) level for the next 9 weeks and he increased his range of difficulty. (The dots are colored dots on the books in the library that indicate the level of difficulty. He is allowed to check out certain dot colors according to his score on the computerized AR test.)

I imagine the teacher was amused because of the way he came up to me, stopped in front of me without greeting, and gave me his report in his typical level tones with eyes to the ground.

By contrast, his sister ran up to me, threw her arms around my waist in a hug, and then told me she had lost her library card.

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