Foggy with a chance of snickering

Some mornings Orangeboy wakes up extremely cloudy with chance of a sudden downpour, and some mornings he bursts awake into a hyper tornado.

On hyper mornings he may seem to be moving around faster, but he doesn't necessarily make more efficient progress toward getting ready for school. He hops and spins around his room while trying to get dressed and, at breakfast, he chatters and makes attempts at humor. These attempts can be amusing -but usually only to him. Also, all the listening, giggling, and retorting interfere with his sitting, chewing, and swallowing.

He finds it very amusing to attempt to make completely contrary remarks. The difficulty is that his attempts at extreme contrariness usually lead to complete nonsense remarks followed by maniacal giggling and evil snickering that become annoying about halfway through breakfast - especially when bits of cereal are showing in his teeth.

Someone asks, "Will you scoot over a little?"
Orangboy snickers, "How 'bout moving over about 200 degrees south?!" (snicker, snicker, HHHAAA!)

Mom instructs, "Please sit still, so you won't spill your cereal everywhere."
O retorts, "You mean you want me to be a popsicle?!" (SNEEEEE!!)`

"What time is it?"
O's joke: "It's 50 midnight o'clock!!" (mmmffff-giggle, grin!)

He's silly, he's loud, he's squirmy, clumsy, and inattentive to what he should be doing... but the atmosphere is less soggy and a bit brighter - unless he says the wrong thing to his sister - then there can be a sudden roll of thunder.


  1. This "O" character....he sounds like my childhood hero that I longed for and never found.

    Mine is JUST the same. I live for beautiful moments like these. It's good that you document them to share with the group, and that you find the atmosphere "less soggy" on mornings like these. Heck, we ALL could use a dose of nonsensical humoured "O". :)

  2. Love it! We have those mornings, too, but Apple's still too young to be that funny. The future will be interesting...

  3. We are going to get this with Egg, it's starting. I have created a monster :0) all the times I have done it to him, saying slly things to help him be less ridgid etc, like when he used to leave out the last word of everything he said to get me to say it as that's what we did with him "twinkle twinkle little....".
    Very funny and cute to read, maybe not so much to actually do it in the morning when you are rushed!


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