Outside normal parameters

Being the on-top-of-everything Mom that I am, I just got the kids in for their annual eye exams - two days before school starts back - all three kids at one time. We were greeted as "the gang".
And with that done, I just ordered their glasses from an online optical store. This was my first time using an online source for prescription glasses. ZenniOptical promises that we will receive our quality glasses in two weeks. So I hope the kids don't have to do too much reading during the first two weeks of school. If they do, hey, what do you expect from me? I'm supposed to REMEMBER to set the appointments well enough in advance to get the glasses BEFORE the first day of school?!
I had to get their written prescriptions, including frame size and pupillary distance, in order to have all the information to order online. Now, we all know that Orangeboy is a cute little boy - the operative word right now being little - so I wasn't surprised that while his slightly older brother and YOUNGER sister can now wear adult-sized glasses frames, he still needs child-sized frames. I was, however, a little surprised when I typed in all his Rx info and measurements and a message popped up that said, "These measurements are outside the normal parameters and are most likely an error."
No, it's not an error. It is the story of his life - just "outside the normal parameters".

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