It is hard enough to avoid the taunts of peers (and siblings) when you are a fortunate child who easily absorbs, and blindly accepts, the many complicated and irrational rules that our society expects most of us to abide by. But when you have a brain geared toward rules, ration, and memorization that doesn't want to waste time on such social silliness; society can be confusing and find much levity at your expense. Such is the case for Orangeboy.
Having two close-in-age siblings can be both a positive and a negative (math terms - stuff he understands). He does pick up some tips from them; like, pink is for girls, boys should not emit high pitched screams, etc; however, the negative is that they are very quick to point out his shortcomings and laugh outrageously at them.

Not long ago he received a temporary tatoo from somewhere. He carefully followed the directions and plastered it onto his arm. He then began to meticulously pick away at it, as is his usual practice with any anomaly he finds on his skin.
I never saw the tatoo in its pre-plastered, pre-picked completeness and had no idea what it was supposed to depict. Apparently, neither did the boy's siblings.
They are capable of finding an argument in any situation and soon Big Brother and Little Sister were arguing about the tatoo.
"I think it's a pony." says Sister.
"No it looks like a dragon or some kind of flower." says Brother.
"It's a PONY!"
"No it isn't! Let me see it!" says Big Brother, grabbing at Orangeboy's arm.
Orangeboy snatches away. The argument and scuffle continue for a couple of minutes until, miraculously, Big Brother and Sister come to a consensus and decide that the tatoo is, afterall, a depiction of a pony.
"A pretty pony!" Big Brother lilts. Sister giggles.
Orangeboy cannot let this stand. "Ponies are for GIRLS!!!" he growls.
"It's not a pony! It's a BUTTER-FLY!"

And may the teasing and laughter continue. (sigh)

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  1. Fabulous! Yes, long may it continue.


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