Volume control

When they were handing out "mouths" in Heaven, my son must have thought they said "cowbells" and thought it would be good to get one that was extra large and extra loud.

He is a wiry little guy, so small but so LOUD. His voice really carries. Sometimes when I'm downstairs and he's upstairs with his sister, it sounds like someone has a small car up there blaring the horn.
There was an article in the local paper about three families living with autism. The reporter quoted one parent as saying, "Kids with autism don't talk.'" Neither the parent nor the reporter qualified this at all. I had to chuckle. My son may be labeled PDD and not classic autism, but he's on the spectrum, having lots of typical symptoms including some speech issues, but he definitely talks! A lot!
He mostly babbled incoherently when he was younger. He learned to be pretty well understood by people who knew him by the time he was 5. He still has trouble with certain digraphs (th) and with r's. He makes plenty of grammatical mistakes - "You tooken it!" and uses the wrong word ever so often, but he talks and talks and talks. Sometimes he just won't stop.
The really scary part is that I think he knows and understands even more than he can verbally express.

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