Kid talk: What's in front matters

It can be both enlightening and frightening to overhear my children having a conversation amongst themselves. Tonight, while driving home from an evening out, the conversation in the back turned to "Shrek" quotes. Elder Brother quoted a line by Donkey from Shrek III:
"AAHH! You know, Shrek, you really oughta get yourself some jammies."
Then he remarked that "they never show what's in front, only the back sometimes".
He was evidently referring to the fact that full frontal nudity is not found in "family" flicks; however, in some animated films that are rated PG, you may glimpse some "cartoon moon".
Younger Brother (spectrum child) then asks a very typical question for him, "Why?"
Elder Brother answers, "Because the front matters more."
To which Spectrum Child remarks, "But I thought the back mattered more." (In his simply logical mind he probably assumed that since he hears people/other kids talk about butts more, they matter more - not really understanding the concept of discretion.)
Wise Little Sister then seriously informs him that, "If you are a boy, the front matter A LOT."
At which point Mom insists that they talk about something else before Spectrum Child decides to ask "Why?" again.
And I don't EVEN want to know how Little Sister knows that the front matters so much to boys!

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