Puberty? Not yet. Social Skills? Well...

Orangeboy has had a bad cold this week and his voice has been rather hoarse the last couple of days.  He says he thinks his voice has changed.   And he meant changed as in permanently deeper - I'm sure.
He might be disappointed when the mucus clears up.

On the social skills/friendship front:
I heard him tell his sister who he voted for in his class to get the Citizenship award on honors day.   He named a girl that I've never heard either of them mention; so I asked him "What about your friend Josh?"
Orangeboy claimed that there were others who were better behaved.  I asked him if Josh was eligible for the Citizenship award.   He said that Josh was eligible.  I asked him to give me an example of what Josh had done to get in trouble lately.  He couldn't really come up with a good example other than one time wearing a hat because he said he had an ear infection.  
It is true that hats are against the rules in their school, but if he had an ear infection there might have been an exception made.  Orangeboy couldn't recall that Josh was specifically reprimanded by anyone for the hat, and it is funny that Orangeboy doesn't seem to realized that HE himself gets a hat exception because of his vision and photophobia.  But this goes back to Orangeboy being a big fan of rules and an even bigger fan of rules being followed by others. 
Anyway, I asked him again why he didn't vote for Josh whom he claims is his only friend at school.  I reasoned out loud that if Josh was eligible and he was his friend, then why wouldn't he vote for his eligible friend because that's the kind of thing friends do for one another - look out for and support one another.
Orangeboy was quiet.   He didn't do a downcast pucker face; which would tell me he was closing off to the whole conversation.  I think he was mulling it over. 
I'm not advocating popularity contests, but if Orangeboy considers Josh a friend then he surely thinks he is a decent citizen, and if Josh is eligible for the citizenship award, why wouldn't he vote for him?
I think this was a good opportunity to give Orangeboy a very specific example of how to be a friend:

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