Never in 3D!

I like to visit "The One Minute Writer" blog and write something silly or maybe even thoughtful now and then. I answered a prompt today in way less than a minute. What movie should never be made in 3D?

Orangeboy likes to flip his 3D viewing glasses up and down during a 3D Movie to compare what it looks like with and without. He never seems to tire of the comparing, but I sure do! I try not to sit by him if we are seeing something in 3D.


  1. That's what I did when I saw my first 3D movie in a while, Alice in Wonderland.

    (The effects were not the most believable, except for some of the flowers and the White Rabbit).

    Your One Minute Writer responses were most amusing.

  2. Anonymous23/4/10

    Orangeboy and me, we got something in common. I do that too! My eldest doesn't like when I do it.


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