Another year, another completed circuit

So we survived all the holidays and cheered in the new year and new decade. Everyone got what they wanted for Christmas - except Dad, who never does because he wants things like tractors, gators (small utility vehicle), backhoes, and other large man-toys.

Orangeboy didn't really know what he wanted but he got it anyway. In fact, his grandparents got him the same thing he received last year and the year before. Orangeboy got another Snap Circuits set. He worked with it all week and longer. He barely glanced at anything else that was gifted to him. Let's face it, Orangeboy likes to live in the ruts. Most of us try to avoid getting in a rut, but not him. He looks for them and jumps right in and goes along as happy as a clam. (Is that mixing my metaphors?) Orangeboy would rather enjoy something he enjoyed before than try to find joy in something new.

There is something to be said for ruts. If you pick wisely, they're not so bad. A regular routine keeps you organized and on time for school or work. Healthy habits keep you ... well... healthy. Hanging with the same small group of friends, even if it's a group of one, makes you loyal. Preferring to always wear your favorite color and favorite jeans and enjoying the exact same free time activity year-after-year makes you easy to shop for.

Orangeboy didn't complain one bit about not getting something grandly exciting or not getting what he wanted. He was thrilled to have a brand new Snap Circuit set that is otherwise just like the old one that he loves so much. He is still playing with it halfway through this first month of a new year - or maybe it's just another year with approximately 365 days of 24 hours each just like last year.

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