More about puberty and percentiles

My little children are growing up. I am frequently told that "they are getting so TALL!". The school year is almost half over and one will be going to middle school next year. They have more "permanent" teeth than baby teeth, they close the bathroom door now, and they don't always order from the kids' menu when we eat out. All this means we will be eating out less and using more coupons - among other things.

In less than three years I will have three teenagers in my house. I've always been afraid of teenagers. Even as a preteen I told my mother that I didn't want to be a teenager because teenagers are crazy. As it turned out, my fear was well-founded. I think my worst years were my fourteenth and fifteenth. This is mostly because I was a late bloomer and puberty didn't really start to hit me until about fourteen and a half. With my daughter, I'm afraid it will hit much sooner and last much longer. And her adolescent insanity will overlap with both her brothers'.
She has never fully accepted my authority and position as her mother. Just today she had the audacity to say to me,
"You let my cat out and I told you not to. And you expect me to do what YOU tell ME!"

I replied, "Yes I do. I am an adult and your mother and the one responsible around here and YOU are not."
Of course, I've said this sort of thing before and I could say it again a hundred times and it still won't sink in to her head, so I can just imagine what the battles will be like when she has those adolescent hormones of rebellion kicking in.

I'm a little concerned about the possibility of rebellion and anger with Orangeboy, but I'm more concerned for his social life. He is getting along with his peers but he doesn't really interact with them more than necessary. He doesn't claim any as a friend. And he only has one more year after this school year before he reaches the dreaded middle school. If his semi-antisocial behavior isn't enough to cause him trouble, then his size may be. He is in the 3rd percentile for weight and in the 18th percentile for height. So he's not the shortest kid, but he's definitely the smallest. Some of the kids in the fourth grade are already as tall as the teachers and some of them probably have a good eighty pounds on Orangeboy. By sixth grade, Orangeboy may be in danger of getting trampled in the halls.

Today, I refocused my campaign to put some weight on the boy. I heard on a radio talk show that 7 dried banana slices are equivalent in calories to a whole banana but that one is likely to eat more banana chips because of the decreased bulk. I bought a large container of banana chips and encouraged Orangeboy to try dipping them in peanut butter for his snack. He liked them and consumed several PB dipped chips. I'd say that's a pretty high calorie snack.

Orangeboy's Dad took him and his brother outside this weekend before a storm front came in and tossed a football with them. It has been awhile since he's done that sort of thing with them. Orangeboy isn't very wild about football tossing, but he gave it a little effort. He was having such a good time that he came running IMMEDIATELY when I told him it was time to get his hair cut.

So, we're doing what we can to get the children socialized and healthy enough for adolescence. I just hope their parents' mental health is up to the challenge.


  1. Don't be a scaredy cat....along with the puberty psychosis comes some really cool conversations and glimpses of them as adults. Sorry, you will have to be content with just glimpses!

    I only have girls, and I've got to tell you...pray for her period to start. I may be the only one with this theory, but I think that the hormones build up and build up (thus you hardly recognized your daughter) until one day...her period comes. And then with it, comes a little sanity. Eventually her hormones even out a little and she's almost human.

    Be patient, their brains basically reorganize during puberty. It can't be any fun for them either!

    And your small son; my husband's childhood friend was still wearing Toughskin jeans in high school (that may date me, but those are little boy jeans from back in the day). He is now 6'2" and 200 lbs. I think he's wishing he were smaller as he pops his cholesterol medicine!! ; )

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers,

  2. Thank you Melanie!


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