Happiness Is An Old PC

It all started when I finally decided to get it together and make a space for myself in the house where I could write, blog, learn online and do whatever else I need to do to make myself a better and more self-actualized individual...

I gathered my laptop and relevant books and materials from various far flung places in the house; like this bookshelf, and that place under the couch, and this cabinet, and that basket under the bed and put them all in one desk with credenza that I haven't really been using properly. I then cleared out an old desktop pc from said desk that Orangeboy had been using for playing CD games. This old pc has stubbornly refused to accept any internet connection offered it and so it is virtually (no pun intended) useless to me. I lugged the old desktop into Orangeboy's room and squeezed it onto his small homework desk that he doesn't use for doing homework.

That night while going up to bed Orangeboy said, "I think today is just about the best day of myyy... well, my year anyway!"
Later, when I was saying goodnight to him, he said he thought his room was now pretty much perfect.

I think it is wonderful that all Orangeboy needs for perfect contentment is his own room with his own bed, his own Leggos, his favorite Sudoku books, and an old pc for playing Peggle or Spidersol. Of course, these are not all small things, but some kids wouldn't be happy with twice as much.

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