Eloquent elocution

Orangeboy often gets his sentences out in a stammery or convoluted fashion. This evening he remarked on a comment his brother had made about the first computer being as big as a building and not able to do most of what computers do today. He got it a little twisted.

Orangeboy mused aloud, "Well...I guess that computer as big as a building couldn't load - download - video games, as [brother] said."

Brother retorts, "I didn't say that!"

I translate, "No, he didn't mean that. The way he should have said it was 'I guess that computer, which [Brother] said was as big as a building, couldn't download video games."

It still stumps me that this same boy who talks a bit like he has something in his mouth, and who switches parts of sentences around (there are probably better examples than the one above that I can't remember right now), and who sometimes gets stuck and stammers over his words for so long that I can't remember what he started with by the time he finishes - this same boy- wrote the best story in the third grade. It was a well-ordered, creative, detailed, grammatically correct original story. He had never written a story before that and I would have never guessed that he would.

Obviously this is more evidence that just because someone can't communicate verbally, doesn't mean there isn't just as much going on inside the skull. Likewise, we often associate eloquent elocution with intelligence and industry. Hmmm.... gives you something to think about during the next election debates.

And I wonder what Orangeboy will do in fourth grade?


  1. Foster is, in many ways, extremely articulate, but his stutters and stammers REALLY get in the way sometimes. I'm anxious to see what his writing reveals. I know he's going to be doing a lot more of it in first grade.

  2. I get this! I am the official translater for JBear. And look at Bob Dylan - writes amazing songs, epics, love stories, history. But have you ever heard him in an interview? What in the world is he trying to say?


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