Back to School!

Father-figure to Orangeboy: "Tomorrow's the first day of school, Fourth Grader!"

Orangeboy: "Who me? -Ye-uhh."

FF: "Aren't you excited to be going back to school!?"

O: "No, not ree-wee."

FF: "But you love doing worksheets, don't you?"

O: "Well, yes."

Mom: "And you love rules, right?"

O: (head duck - guilty as charged)

FF: "And you love math - you want to be a math professor, don't you?"

O: "Yes. I do."

FF: "And you LOVE to get up early in the morning, right!?"

O: "No. That's the one thing I don't really like."

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  1. Him & me both!
    I've been reading about what Orange Boy might want to be when he grows up with great interest. This is something I admit I spend a lot of time thinking about for my kids - how to guide them toward their interests.


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