Ready for Summer sleeping and pancakes

Orangeboy is all ready for summer break. This morning when I woke him up, he asked what day it was. When told him "Friday" he said he was hoping it was Saturday. He says he's ready for school to be out so he can sleep late. I hated to remind him that every day of summer break isn't like a Saturday. I still have to go to work, and he and the other two will be going to a couple of "summer fun opportunities". Also with relatives coming to visit in two weeks, he'll have to get up and make himself reasonably presentable on those days. You would really think a kid with ADHD wouldn't like to sleep so much, but it seems that once he finally gets to sleep he is loathe to give up that state of unconscious stillness.

Things are coming together for him here toward the end of May and is he much more cheerful - and that usually means louder, more talkative, and more squirmy, too. He has fairly successfully dispensed with Field Day, received his standardized testing scores, been on a tour of his new school building, and is counting down the days to the end of third grade on one hand. But I can just see his disappointed face now - on the first day of summer break. He'll roll out of bed (literally) around 9 am, come downstairs and demand pancakes and eggs. (He still thinks he's being polite when he yells with a smile, "I feel like having pancakes and eggs for breakfast!" and then plunks his skinny bottom on a chair and waits for Mom to hop-to-it.)

I'll say, "Go get dressed, I have to get to the office." and hand him a Poptart with his meds.
Poor guy. He'll be so confused as to why his plans didn't work out. But I don't want to warn him, because he's so chipper! I'll just cross that sulk when I come to it.

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  1. You're such a mean mommy, not cooking pancakes and eggs before going to work. ;)

    Hope he adjusts more easily than you expect. (Fingers crossed.)

    Also, <a "href="http://confessionsofaquirkymom.blogspot.com/2009/05/six-unimportant-things-one-important.html>you've been tagged</a>!


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