Check his facial expression

We have a little bunny that we took to the Vet to be neutered - although I prefer to say "tutored". Now he will be calmer, neater, and not smell like a yard onion. At least, I hope it helps. He was getting pretty crazed.
Anyway, when we were bringing bunny home after his "tutoring" the kids were holding him and discussing his condition. Brother and sister wondered if little bunny was feeling better or if he was just scared. They were worried because he was sitting so calmly in brother's lap and this is unusual behavior for this rambunctious little bun-bun. Orangeboy had a great suggestion:
"Why don't you just look at his facial expression?"

Well, it would have been a good suggestion if bunnies HAD facial expressions. And it goes to show us that he is listening and understanding (to some extent) when everyone from Mom to grandmother to teacher to doctor talks to him about eye contact and facial expressions. It seems he actually understands the basics, at least. Facial expressions can give clues about a person's mood - if not a bunny's.


  1. It's funny, because I consider myself quite good at deciphering animal facial expressions in spite of them being far less expressive than human ones. But I struggle with real people. LOL. I think Orangeboy may be onto something with the bunny. Heehee.

  2. We worked on facial expressions in therapy today with Hannah. She gets the idea of them, but doesn't recognize them on her own unless directed to study them. It's an intellectual puzzle to her, not something intuitive. That is so odd to me. I guess for her it must feel odd that others just seem to get these things. I've enjoyed reading your blog by the way. I found it through one of my other blogs. Your kids sound great.

  3. WOW! They always seem to pull out the shocker card on us huh? Smart little Guys..


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