Update To: You will NOT be Published before ME!

If you haven't read this post: You Will Not Be Published Before Me, you should catch up.

He wrote a very good story! The mysteries of this boy's mind continue to be revealed!
Orangeboy wrote a story with an attention-getting opening line, good flow, creative use of modifiers, and only a couple of small punctuation errors.
He wrote that clouds roamed the earth (and the grass) millions of years ago and were having a great time until people showed up and started tromping on them. They tried to scare the people off by blowing the grass and such, but it didn't work. They finally decided to move to the sky and blast thunder, rain, and lightening at people. And this is why we have thunderstorms.

Really clever, huh? It is three pages long and the clouds have names and everything! Just goes to show you that just because your kid doesn't talk much, or listen to you, or look at you, it doesn't mean the wheels aren't turning.


  1. Anonymous15/3/09

    That is awesome and encouraging. I know you were excited to see such originality!!!

  2. This is great! Obviously his imagination is hard at work! I wonder if he'll write more stories. I'm sure there's more to be unleashed.

  3. That is Outstanding.! Tears of Joy here.!! It's the little things that mean the world to us.


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