Could he shatter glass?

Orangeboy has discovered a new little trick. This is the kind of thing that most kids discover when they are about two or three, but as some of you may understand, kids like O seem to develop in a haphazard, helter-skelter manner - especially socially and emotionally.
So he has recently discovered the thrill and fun of loud, high-pitched screaming. Not the crying, screaming, and gnashing of teeth kind; or the scared-out-of-my-mind kind. This is the my- brother-is-going-to-get-to-the-door-first-so-I'll-just-make-a-sound-that-could-almost-shatter-glass kind of scream. And if Mom or Dad don't growl or put a firm hand on him, he'll try it again.

I guess if you want to label it you could call it a sensory thing - a stimulating vocal exercise that probably does give him a thrill. It sure gives me a thrill, but it's the kind of thrill that has my hair on end.


  1. Foster's version of this is to yell "WHAAAA!!!" (in your mind, hear the most fake baby-cry ever, at a volume so loud it makes your eardrums bulge). It makes me insanely angry, but I try not to show him that.

    Call it a sensory thing. Call it whatever you want. It's annoying and I hope they both grow out of it soon (by tomorrow?).

  2. Oh yes, pixiemama, good thoughts, good thoughts!

  3. yes! ...it's an "aspie thing" for sure:-)

    I can sooooo relate!

  4. That sounds like a tremendous amount of fun. For him at least. Not so much for you.

  5. Yes, Stimey, he definitely enjoys it; evidenced by the follow-up maniacal grin.


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