Simon sez "Stop IT!"

I need to post something today since my last post was not really about Orangeboy and this blog is supposed to be about the adventures of Orangeboy.

We've been a bit boring lately. Maybe it's the winter blahs, or the economy blahs, or maybe we're just boring, so I don't have a lot of material to work with here.
So I'll tell you about a game that I thought would be such a clever way to help Orangeboy practice recognizing and responding to different tones of voice. It was one of those lame-brain ideas that popped into my head fully formed.

I thought I could play a modified game of Simon Sez with the kids. (Some of you may spell the name of the game as Simon SAYS, but I always think of it as SEZ.) ANYway... The rules of the modified version would be that Simon (me) would give a command and the players (kid-victims) would have to do the commanded activity until Simon said "Stop" in a way that sounded like Simon really meant it.
This is hard to convey in writing, but for example:

"Simon sez, march in place."
"Simon sez, Sto-op it!" (with a laughy whiny voice)

In the above example, the kid-victims - I mean players - should keep marching because Simon doesn't sound too serious. But if Simon were to bark, "STOP!" like a drill sargeant, then they should stop.

Again, if Simon says, "Stop?" in an unsure little voice, they could keep marching; but if Simon says, "stop!" in an angry growl with gritted teeth, then they should stop.

It sounds sort of tricky doesn't it? Well, surprise! All three kid-victims are too smart for me. They got every one right. From loud and angry, to simmering frustration, to silly tease; they weren't thrown off once - not even Orangeboy.

I think they just know the mercurial moods of Simon-Mom a little too well. And I know their moods too. They were being patiently indulgent.


  1. It's a cute game. :)

    I was just playing Simon Says in the car with Apple yesterday. She totally doesn't get that SHE lost when she followed a command that wasn't predicated by "Simon Says". She insists that she, in fact, won the game.

    P.S. If you have a few minutes, I have given my blog readers a homework assignment, and I'd love for you to stop by and contribute! :)

  2. I think your version of Simon says was a good idea!

    As far as autism service dogs go, ours will primarily be used for "behavior disruption." The dog will be trained to recognize when our daughter is starting to escalate, and will intervene, doing some tricks to snap her out of it before it becomes a full fledged tantrum. Basically nuzzling her, and offering comfort and security and a change of subject.

    For more severe children, they train the dogs in tethering and tracking.

    Here is the link to the organization we are working with:


    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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