Orangeboy Vignettes

We are watching The Muppets: Season One on DVD. The sketch is a Muppet's Lab scene with Dr. Bunsen Honeydew who is demonstrating his new "gorilla detector". As he is explaining that the detector's lights will flash and bells will ring if a gorilla is in the area thus keeping everyone safe from unexpected gorilla attacks; a gorilla enters the scene behind Dr. H and begins to destroy the lab. Dr. H claims that it must not be a real gorilla because obviously the "gorilla detector" would ring and flash. Then the gorilla grabs Dr. H as he stands next to the detector and drags him away. As he is dragging Dr. H away, the detector finally starts flashing and ringing.
Orangeboy sits still and serious, watching the sketch and when it's over he remarks,
"They're going to have to have a lot of those detectors around since it doesn't go off until the gorilla gets really close.......Especially next to everyones' beds."

We are at a little Christmas potluck lunch and ornament game swap at friends' and Orangeboy is remarkably sedate. In fact, he is lying across a large ottoman with his eyes open but not moving at all. He stays like this for about an hour. I was puzzled about this behavior, but since he was blinking and occasionally his facial expression changed a bit, I decided to leave well enough alone. When we got ready to leave, he got up and headed out to the car with us. He wasn't pouting or acting sick, just being very unusually quiet. I started thinking maybe he had taken his afternoon chill pill this morning instead of his ADHD pill. On the way home, which was a 45 minute ride, he sat perfectly still and silent. When I glanced back, he wasn't even chewing his nails. I was really starting to wonder what was going on. When we got to the house, he got out of the car and walked in and immediately started chatting - so I knew he was awake.

He said, "I sat still and didn't talk in the car the whole time."

"Yes, I noticed. That was very unusual."

"Yeah - and - when I sit like that for awhile, after awhile. my eyes start to get a little watery."

"You didn't even BLINK?!"

Orangeboy the Serious is the funniest of all.


  1. OMG, I think you had my dream car ride. Seriously.

    But next time he should really consider blinking. ;)

  2. Yes, I was afraid for a couple of minutes that I might be driving while sleeping. And I did explain to him the eye-watering - blinking connection. :)


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