It's a math Christmas, Charlie Brown!

Orangeboy is very excited about being out of school and the holidays - as evidenced by much hyperactive jumping and somersalting about the house. I asked him what he was so excited about and he said, "The presents".
This is one of those answers that I am doubtful about and wonder if it is another instance of him saying what he thinks is expected. He's heard other kids express excitement about presents and so that is what he says.
One of the main reasons I'm doubtful that "presents" is what he is most excited about is that he has not ever been one to make a wishlist, or mull over a catalog, or point out a commercial he's seen. When asked what he wants for birthday, Christmas, etc., he says "math books". If pressed for more variety or something different, he will usually concede that he likes Legos. This is basically the same response he has been giving for the last ... oh... five years?
He does do some other activities and has a few other interests, so I watch for these things and I try to use them, but he IS rather limited. That means that what he will receive will resemble what he recieves every year:
Video games in some form
Math or Sudoku books
Orange and/or green shirts
Some sort of toy with which he can construct something -like Legos
And maybe some cash - which he will stash away somewhere and not spend.
(I believe he is saving for his college education. He obviously does not trust his parents to be prepared for that eventuality.)

I still think Orangeboy is most excited about sleeping late and not having to deal with classmates for a few days. He did not enjoy watching a Charlie Brown Christmas special with us earlier in the week. He played with his calculator while we watched America's Funniest Videos Christmas Show. He got mad at us while we were decorating the tree because we kept getting in his way. He doesn't eat baked goods or chocolate. He is not into most of the rich holiday foods. He does not like his cousin's new golden retriever puppy that came to visit. He didn't enjoy trying to wrap presents very much.
On the other hand, maybe it IS the new math book that he is most looking forward to.

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