Pre-holiday bliss

Orangeboy is excited to be out of school for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I'm not really sure why. I know he isn't looking forward to hanging out with relatives he barely knows. He isn't looking forward to having to eat odd holiday dishes. He isn't fond of younger cousins, stuffing, random semi-familiar adults trying to make conversation with him, and all that.

I think he's just excited about not having to get up early and get dressed in a timely fashion. I really think that's it. He has some trouble falling asleep, but there is even more misery with waking up. He gets excited on Friday night about Saturday morning - not because he gets to watch Saturday morning cartoons or go do anything exciting necessarily - but because he gets to sleep later. He also seems to enjoy stimming and squirming and taking his SWEET-time (as his Dad likes to say when he's making everyone late on a school day) while eating breakfast.
These things alone are enough to get Orangeboy looking forward to his days off.

Honestly, it's not that hard to keep him happy and occupied. It is trying to interact with him and get him to participate with the family that's difficult. If he were an only child, at this point, I think it would be easy to forget there was even a child in the house. Left to his own devices, at nine years old, he is content to do his thing and not be bothered - one of the good things about a kid like him. Of course, I know, for his sake, I am supposed to get him involved and supply ample opportunities to practice and learn proper social interaction and coping skills. But on the day before Thanksgiving, I'm just thankful that I can clean and prepare in peace without having to worry about him at least. That is, unless I let his happy spinning, rocking, and jabbering to himself get to me.


  1. You just described Foster to a T, except he doesn't have trouble waking up. He's the kid that wakes up like a light switch - flick! and he's awake for the day. He's very excited to have 5 days in a row where he can wake up, take his SWEET-time (exactly!) wandering around in the morning ... and hope to not have to get out of his floppy PJs all day.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ahhh.. Yes Fall Vacation has hit us too. William woke up this morning very chipper. He knew we weren't going to school because I wasn't out the bed yet and I didn't have his cloths and book bag ready for him. I can relate to the social interacting with the family. No one gets it yet that William is not the same as everyone else and they don't really know how to act around us. Were not the Plege ..Gheesh.. And they wonder why I'm always Blogging. & on the computer .~~Hello~~.. I get more support from people like you then those goofy people. Bla bla bla

  3. Thanks for "stopping by", China - nice to meet you too!

  4. C loves to do his own thing to. Hope Orangeboy coped with all the relatives!


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