Bad Mommy Sarcasm

During the holiday weekend I had a chance to watch some daytime television. So this evening I was telling DH about seeing a Youtube video on "Ellen" showing a ball girl doing an amazing catch where she ran up a wall and reached up over it to catch the ball. I told him that Ellen asked her to call in because she wanted her to come on the show.

Orangeboy pipes in, "Did she call?"

"No, not during that show."

Orangeboy: "Why?"

Mom, acting as my sarcastic self: "Gee, I don't know, I don't know the ballgirl's schedule. Maybe she was busy catching balls. I don't think Ellen really expected her to call right then."

Orangeboy: "Why?"

(Uh oh, we're getting on a "why" tangent.) "Well, I suppose she wasn't necessarily expecting the ballgirl to be sitting by the phone and watching "Ellen". "

Orangeboy: "Maybe she wasn't home."

Mom, under my breath, I thought, and being sarcastic again: "Yes, or maybe she's homophobic."

But Orangeboy heard me. "What?"

Mom, "Never mind. Nothing."

Orangeboy, "hono - photic?"

Great! He'll probably go to school and ask his teacher, "What does hono-photic mean?"
Or worse, and much more likely, he'll get a vocabulary word like "television" or "program" and he'll write it in a sentence, like:
"Some people don't call the Ellen program because they are hono-photic."

Gosh, I really need to get that sarcastic wit under control - or learn to mutter more quietly.
Bad Mommy!


  1. That's awesome! We all teach our kids things we wish we hadn't... I'm totally enjoying this one. :)

  2. OMG I am the most sarcastic person in the world, if you ever, ever find a "cure" to shut up with the sarcasm pleeeease blog it! :0)

  3. Thanks Quirky Mom and rainbowmummy,
    I'm glad you got a grin at my expense and I will DEFINITELY work on finding a cure for unnecessary sarcasm. (Uh oh, did you catch it in that?)

  4. I say: it's not a problem until they start dropping f bombs

  5. Speaking of F bombs, Sayer has been known to say that one but he's so hard to understand people don't get it (whew!). His latest thing is to "spell naughty words" and his latest one is "flok" - talk about dodging a bullet!


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