Halloween Feature Story

Survey finds most children want a costume for Halloween
Wearing costumes and trick-or-treating on or near October 31st is a popular trend among two out of three young children in the 5H household. Costume ideas among these dramatic youth range from a tooth fairy to Dr. A. Cula.
The tooth fairy is a popular character because she is known for giving out coins and bills without requiring that chores be done. Dr. A. Cula, according to Orangeboy's big brother, is a suit-and cape-wearing, fanged (and rather drooly) doctor from New York. (This reporter has not been able to verify the existence of such a physician, either present or past.)
There is one youth in the 5H household who does not find costume design to be a fascinating pursuit. Orangeboy is quoted as saying, "I don't think I will be anything for Halloween."
Despite his apathy regarding costumes, he does not object to collecting candy door-to-door. Therefore, his mother feels that actions will have to be taken against him if he attempts to procure treats without the requisite cute or clever costume.
Measures to be taken could include: pinning a McCain/Palin button on his shirt, forcing him to carry a clipboard and telling people that he is a McCain Campaigner; or allowing him to dress in orange (as usual) and giving him a straw and telling people he is an OrangeAde.
There has even been some consideration to labeling his candy-collecting bag with "Donations Please" and calling him "Our financial future".
So while most children will happily don a costume or makeup this year and head out for an evening of begging from strangers who can barely afford chocolate in this economy, one young man may find himself the reluctant victim of a lame attempt at humor by his parents.
Hang in there with the NTs and rock on, Orangeboy! Or rock back-and-forth, whichever your stimming style.

........ Update....
Orangeboy was ultimately convinced by his father to be a last-minute pirate. A hat and eye patch from a previous event were found. He donned a white shirt and vest with black pants and completed the outfit with large rubber boots. The boots were at least 4 sizes too big. As Orangeboy tripped and clunked his way down the hall to the top of the stairs, preparing to descend for a night of begging for candy, he gazed down the steps and mused,
"I wonder if pirates always fall down stairs."


  1. power to Orangeboy! Don't let mommy break you...


  2. Anonymous31/10/08

    This is the first year that we have actually GOTTEN a bona-fide costume for Sayer. He will be a doctor - something he is more familiar with than superheroes, thanks to broken limbs.

    The getting candy party he has down pat, though. It's the sugar rush that worries me.

  3. You have no idea ow much I love the orange ade idea (not so keen on McCain though...)

    So cool he was a pirate, dresing up has always been a bit ify in our house. Eg dressed up as a pirate for halloween at nurery, but when he got there he hung up hs bandana and waist coat on his jacket hook, makes sense to him after all.

    Glad you had a good time! We don't do trick or treating ourselves.

  4. rainbowmummy:
    Thanks for the comments. The McCain campaigner was a joke that I actually heard on the Daily Show, I think. Jon thought it would be a scary costume.
    I try every year to get out of trick-or-treating, but they just won't let me!

  5. LOL, sorry I got you wrong :0)

  6. Nice recovery Orangeboy!!


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