Chewed to the quick

Do these chewed nails look familiar to anyone? Can you relate?
The good news about nail-biting is that Mom never (and I mean never) has to trim his nails.


  1. Holy Schnikees!! That's a pretty good deal though, eh?

    Mine doesn't chew 'em, he TEARS them off every free chance he gets. But that still leaves me with the "I don't have to clip them" victory chant. :D

  2. We have the opposite problem -- really long fingernails where I have to hold the kids down so I can trim them.

    Now, my husbands nails look like that.

  3. Anonymous16/10/08

    Ouch! Poor kiddo. My kid, like another commentor's, gives me an extremely hard time about cutting his nails. So we are on the other end of that spectrum.

  4. I have the opposite problem in that his nails get really long and he hates getting them cut and it takes four people to hold him down and one to cut his nails.


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